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You've stumbled on Mike Stiefvater's "personal-professional" website. My work is a mashup of the more common subdisciplines of geospatial technology - geographic information systems (GIS), GPS mapping, computerized cartography, remote sensing, etc). The fact that I work in a number of different settings makes the picture even more complicated. In the hope that it will clarify things a little, I use the name Otter Geospatial to distinguish my outside endeavors from the stuff I do for my employers. The name is a holdover from my first college career. My school friends found my last name to be too big a mouthful and shortened it to "Otter".20x2pixel Log in

About the Website

Mastering geospatial technology basics is a time-consuming and difficult endeavor. We've found that the pace of learning picks up if the concepts are presented in the context of a personally meaningful project.

We've been involved with the learning and teaching of geotech principles and applications since 1999 and we've seen what seems to be excessive reliance on canned exercises and rigidly sequenced learning modules. This website is intended to bolster the efforts of the novice who has decided to let the needs of a real project set his/her learning priorities. It's a collection of factoids and mini-lessons chosen to compensate for the knowledge gaps inherent in a project-driven approach to geotech learning.